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Matt Lockwood · March 16, 2020

Inside LGND: Favorite Super Bowl Ad

Hadi Dimachkieh · January 27, 2020

The Power of Nostalgia. Unlike irritating television advertisements that interrupt your shows 364 days a year, companies use humor and heart to appeal to emotion and make viewers look forward to the ads premiered during the Super Bowl. With a price tag of about $5.5 million per 30-second slot, companies…

Inside LGND: Making Remote Work… Work

Leyla Balimtas · March 9, 2020

Making Remote Work… Work Like many companies, LGND went fully remote this week in light of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  While remote work is not business as usual for many companies or employees, it’s an easier transition for LGND since a majority of staff already work remotely.  So we asked our team…

Inside LGND: Favorite Podcasts

Patrick Sims · September 28, 2019

Listen up Spotify bet big last year by adding podcasts to its global music streaming platform. It was a great decision! The company’s podcast growth had almost doubled since the start of the year, based on its Q2 earnings report. And, for the first time, over half of Americans reported…

There is Economic Opportunity in Sustainability

Matt Lockwood · August 26, 2019

Last week, Business Roundtable announced a new statement of corporate purpose. Among the commitments outlined, the association pledged to “protect the environment by embracing sustainable practices across our businesses.” This was a huge moment for the business world and highlights the tension between purpose and profit that many businesses struggle…

LGND Analytics Will Unleash Data-Driven Decision Making

Patrick Sims · July 28, 2019

Data Analytics Is In Our DNA We started LGND because the very first visualization we helped build and launch–the Distressed Communities Index (DCI)–unlocked the combined power of data + technology + storytelling to better understand real-world challenges and create high-impact solutions.  Looking at the DCI’s economic data on a granular…

LGND Acquires Stellar Video Partner

Mike Aleo · July 11, 2019

Helping good ideas win means never compromising with your storytelling LGND is built on the cornerstone that through unique storytelling we can help good ideas win. It’s the bet we’ve collectively made and continue to make. Our foundation relies on collaboration between folks with differing skill sets working towards a…

LGND’s Next Adventure

Matt Lockwood · June 20, 2019

My cofounders and I launched LGND just over two years ago to help good ideas win. Since its founding, we have partnered with people tackling some of the most important challenges of our time, including protecting the environment, improving access to economic and educational opportunity, promoting inclusion, guarding America’s innovation…

Designers: Kill Your Darlings

Mike Aleo · January 16, 2019

The expression “kill your darlings” is usually attributed to the great Southern author William Faulkner. In giving this advice to writers, Faulkner meant: you know that word or sentence or paragraph that you feel the proudest of, that you think is the prettiest thing you’ve ever written? — get rid…

Unsafe Unseen: Google Requires SSL, Safety, and Security For Site Rankings

Ryan McCahan · August 17, 2018

In trying to make the internet safer and more secure, Google–the world’s most popular search engine–is officially downgrading insecure websites from search results. And recently, the company started indicating which sites are and aren’t secure. Know What’s Secure To know if a site is secure, just take a look at…

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