Inside LGND: Campfire with Ryan Hudson-Peralta

Mike Aleo · July 24, 2020

Design with Everyone in Mind: Our Fireside Chat with Ryan Hudson-Peralta LGND was founded on the belief that in order to inspire change and help good ideas win, you have to lift insights off the page. When building our talented team, we’ve always valued those who design, write, and code…

Inside LGND: Virtual Retreat

Mike Aleo · June 18, 2020

Typically for our LGND retreat, our staff would fly to Washington, DC, from all around the country (California, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Massachusetts — just to name a few), for a week of collaboration and team bonding. However, with COVID-19 and quarantine, our retreat this year looked a little different. With…

Mapping the New Recovery

Patrick Sims · May 21, 2020

Reopening Is Not Recovery With record unemployment and the looming threat of a virus resurgence, simply reopening is not the recovery Americans need or deserve. We Need New Solutions As an official partner of the Google Maps Platform, LGND’s Analytics team joined forces with Google Maps on a webinar to showcase…

Inside LGND: Campfire with Jesse Stern

Mike Aleo · May 19, 2020

Give them what they want, plus a surprise:  Our fireside chat with Jesse Stern   At LGND, we turn good ideas into stellar stories with strong emotional connections. Internally, we talk a lot about design and development, and how to make our storytelling stand out, but it’s essential to come…

Inside LGND: #goodreads Bookclub: “Range”

Mike Aleo · May 1, 2020

If you asked LGND’s clients what makes us special, they’ll tell you it’s the collaboration between strategy and creativity, plus the deep expertise of data, design, technology, video, and media under one roof. Though the team at LGND is comprised of people with unique skills, relentless passion, and tireless dedication,…

Inside LGND: Campfire with Rachel Martin

Mike Aleo ·

Visuals are emotional; audio is intimate: A Fireside Chat with Rachel Martin At LGND, we pride ourselves on building products that combine the harmonious elements of sight and sound. But what happens when all you have is audio to make an impact? Rachel Martin, Host of NPR Morning Edition, visited…

Inside LGND: Favorite Pixar Films

Mike Aleo · April 5, 2020

Grab some popcorn: Pixar movies shaped my childhood and have carried major sentimental value into my adulthood. Toy Story taught me to hold on tight to the ones I love. Monsters, Inc. taught me to not be afraid of the unknown. Finding Nemo taught me that it’s important to leave…

Inside LGND: #goodreads Bookclub: “Creativity, Inc.”

Mike Aleo · April 3, 2020

Ponder this, bookworms: As many of us are spending more time at home due to COVID-19, it’s important to give ourselves breaks from screens and find other activities to fill our time and minds. Our staff at LGND opted to start a book club. Our first selection for discussion was…

Inside LGND: Making Remote Work… Work

Mike Aleo · March 9, 2020

Making Remote Work… Work Like many companies, LGND went fully remote this week in light of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  While remote work is not business as usual for many companies or employees, it’s an easier transition for LGND since a majority of staff already work remotely.  So we asked our team…

The thing we’re most proud of building is the team you’ll be working with.

Our clients are diverse, yet they share one challenge: their issues are far from simple. This challenge never stems from lack of information and data. Rather, their core messages are hidden in obscure places or buried in complex materials.

We help our clients distill ideas to their purest and most compelling state by crafting a story that animates their mission and captures viewers’ attention.

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