How To Write A Request For Proposal (RFP)

Mike Aleo · March 13, 2018

Writing a RFP can be awful. Sitting down at a blank Word document to try and come up with 15 pages of requirements out of thin air, only to send it out into the ether in hopes of getting back something usable from a mystery agency…total nightmare. But, after years…

What You Can Expect from Facebook’s Latest News Feed Changes

Andrew Dolan · January 12, 2018

Facebook is changing the way its news feed works, aiming to surface more posts from your friends and connections and showing fewer posts from businesses, publishers and organizations. If ‘fewer posts from businesses, publishers and organizations’ raises a lump in your throat, here’s what to keep an eye out for…

What Would Life Look Like Without Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

Patrick Sims · December 4, 2017

What would life look like without immigrant entrepreneurs? It’s not a question Americans often consider, and the heated immigration debate in Washington has, at times, struggled to provide meaningful answers. But think about it this way: Have you ever watched a Disney movie? Made a purchase on Amazon? Wanted the…

Two Tips That Can Make You a Better Digital Storyteller

Matt Lockwood · November 17, 2017

Stories are the oldest form of advocacy. Storytellers have passed the baton of history through generations, giving rise to ideas and inventions that have shaped the world. It should come as no surprise, then, that our current place in history has quickly been defined through the lens of digital storytelling…

Digital Storytelling: Making Good Ideas Great Again

Patrick Sims · November 4, 2017

The policy world needs digital storytelling. This may not sound particularly earth-shattering— especially coming from someone who recently launched a digital storytelling company. But it’s worth saying. Why? Because in addition to building awesome products for our happy clients, I believe this approach to communicating ideas has the power to…

Earning Our LGND Launch Badge

Matt Lockwood · September 7, 2017

We are excited to announce today that Legend becomes LGND. Here’s what that means: For starters, we acquired NAV, the design and dev agency built by my LGND cofounder and friend, Mike Aleo. I met Mike as a client of NAV—where I was as impressed by the passion and integrity…

The anatomy of a card

Mary Spacapan · August 30, 2017

Cards have been on my mind and in my files the past few weeks and I’m falling back in love. When they were first introduced to the digital scene years back, they helped to redefine digital user experiences and mobile UI, even though the design problem they solved was not particularly…

Zip codes aren’t supposed to be pretty

Mike Aleo ·

It’s a situation all too familiar—you’re working on a mapping project. You may be looking to highlight population, median income, or whatever statistic hits the issue of the day. Someone suggests a zip code map. Great idea! Far from being a series of neat, polygons with clearly defined borders, you…

5 Tips For Winning (And Losing) Policy Battles In 2017

Patrick Sims · January 26, 2017

It’s 2017,  Donald Trump is POTUS, and Republicans are in complete control for the first time in a decade… Read: There will be seismic policy shifts in 2017, and everything is on the table. Any time change happens at this scale, it results in a lot of winners and losers. However,…

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