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Photo of Patrick Sims Patrick Sims · September 28, 2019

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Spotify bet big last year by adding podcasts to its global music streaming platform. It was a great decision! The company’s podcast growth had almost doubled since the start of the year, based on its Q2 earnings report.

And, for the first time, over half of Americans reported listening to a podcast, and roughly a third listened to one in the past month. It’s also growing rapidly among both younger and older Americans, a sign that growth isn’t likely a short-term phenomenon confined to a niche audience.

So in light of the podcast industry’s amazing growth, and the fact that today is International Podcast Day, the LGND team pulled together some of our recommendations for must-listen podcasts.

Take a look (and listen!) at our list below.

Mike Aleo, President and Creative Director

Favorite Podcast: Outside Podcast

“Land conservation, snakebite stories, how to protect yourself from a grizzly attack, and general campfire fare transports the listener to the wildest depths of nature and the great outdoors.”

Outside Podcast

Jeff Bridgforth, Developer

Favorite Podcast: Shop Talk Show

“It’s been a helpful source of Web development community news and information, as well as some deep dives into specific Web development topics or techniques.”

Shop Talk Show

Molly Fisher, Senior Account Director

Favorite Podcast: Last Seen: The Largest Unsolved Art Heist In History

“How do you quantify the loss of cultural treasure? Isabella Stewart Gardner’s stolen works are estimated to be worth half a billion dollars and goes to show that art is a powerful currency in criminal, commercial, and personal ventures alike. I hope this story of an incredible woman and those who value her life’s work will reach wider audiences and help solve the mystery.”

Last Seen Podcast

Jonathan Kimsey, Designer

Favorite Podcast: We Hate Movies

“What’s funnier than a couple of New Yorkers getting together to watch a bad movie and then make fun of it over a beer? This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can’t help but relish pure trash.”

We Hate Movies Podcast

Matt Lockwood, CEO

Favorite Podcast: Hardcore History

“’History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes,’” Mark Twain (likely never) said. Dan Carlin does more than vividly recount epic battles and societal upheavals… protagonists transpose millenia to whisper wisdom and warnings into your Airpods.”

Hardcore History Podcast

Jack Mallory, Senior Account Director

Favorite Podcast: This American Life

“This is the greatest podcast of all time. I’m not sure I need to make an argument. Listen to one episode — literally pick a random one — and everything will make sense.”

This American Life Podcast

Ryan McCahan, Lead Developer

Favorite Podcast: Oz-9

“Simultaneously whip-smart and hilarious, this podcast follows the (mis)adventures of a useless crew as they cross the reaches of the cosmos looking for a new home.”

(Mine) Patrick Sims, CSO

Favorite Podcast: How I Built This with Guy Raz

“Guy interviews some of the coolest founders on the planet and always seems to find a way to bring out the emotional connection between a founder and their original idea to build something great.”

How I Built This Podcast

If you have any other audio recommendations, please send them our way!

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