Supporting those who save lives.

What can we do to help Americans live happier and healthier lives? What basic steps can be taken to help others around the world less fortunate than us? These are complex and urgent issues. We complete projects that drive understanding and inspire support for critical initiatives that not only improve lives, but save them.

“When I was Communications Director at a large health insurance company, the LGND team was able to help us take our digital storytellling practice to the next level. They’re fluent in the opportunities and challenges of using data to communicate in the healthcare space, and adept at navigating complicated industries, while reaching multiple audiences and constituencies. They understood our challenges (including a highly regulated environment) and helped us to realize our opportunities. I’d work with them again and again. And I do.”
—Thea Joselow, Content Strategist

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  • Advocacy Toolkits
  • Web Design & Development
  • Illustration & Infographics
  • Digital Executive Communications
  • Report Layout & Print Design
  • Communications & Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
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