Launching startups and satellites.

Rapid technological growth is changing every aspect of our lives. From startups to leading aerospace companies, we’re proud to work with creators and coders who are leading this growth. We understand the complicated issues and regulatory barriers innovators face, and we’re able to meet tech clients where they are to enhance the dynamism of their products and services.

“When we brought LGND on, Aireon was in desperate need of a visual identity, one that set us apart from the rest of the aviation industry. LGND swooped in and took the task as a personal project to elevate our brand, marketing and image. They became as much invested in the organization as our employees and were not simply vendors but evangelists of our brand. It’s great to have a wonderful vendor, and it’s even better to have a solid member of the team. Legend makes our team complete and we look forward to our future projects and ways we can continue to grow the Aireon brand together..”
—Jessie Hillenbrand, Aireon

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