LGND Analytics Will Unleash Data-Driven Decision Making

Photo of Patrick Sims Patrick Sims · July 28, 2019

Data Analytics Is In Our DNA

We started LGND because the very first visualization we helped build and launch–the Distressed Communities Index (DCI)–unlocked the combined power of data + technology + storytelling to better understand real-world challenges and create high-impact solutions. 

Looking at the DCI’s economic data on a granular level not only allowed users to easily see the highly correlated rise of geographic inequality and political populism across the country, its credible insights motivated the policy community to do something about it. The Investing in Opportunity Act passed as a part of tax reform and unlocked geographic investment across the nation via Opportunity Zones.

EIG’s Distressed Communities Index

LGND Is Doubling Down On Data + Technology + Storytelling 

Our goal is simple: help good ideas win by empowering our clients to make data-driven decisions. 

Whether it’s creating and analyzing new data-sets from public or private sources, designing and building visualization products, integrating real-time analytics into dashboards, or interpreting and presenting data-driven research and results, LGND Analytics will provide our customers the necessary insight to know where and how to invest their time, money, and energy.

We Have The Experience In Product Analytics

Early in my career, I was the Subject Matter Expert of M&A and Product Analytics for the Financial Institutions division of SNL Financial, which is now S&P Global Market Intelligence. I didn’t know where that would lead at the time, but I was an early believer that, at its core, combining data + technology + storytelling was fundamental to creating real-time, actionable insights that produce good decisions. Years later, that still rings true, and LGND continues to lead in this exciting field. 

For example, we designed an enterprise flight tracking dashboard for Aireon using Mapbox. This data analytics platform updates aircraft locations in real time, mirroring the visuals that Air Navigation Service Providers get when they use Aireon’s data. This product is transformative for the Aerospace industry, and we’re excited to see where Aireon goes next. 

Aireon’s Flight Tracking Dashboard

Late last year, we helped the Greater Washington Partnership with their Blueprint for Regional Mobility. The beautifully-designed website and interactive mapping experience allows users to explore the regional transportation system and gives access to key indicators including jobs, education, and health care. Transportation remains a core industry of focus for LGND given its importance in providing efficient and sustainable mobility options for Americans.

GWP’s Blueprint for Regional Mobility

My personal favorite project since launching LGND was working closely with leading urban economists Ian Hathaway and Richard Florida to visualize the rise of venture capital investment around the globe. Our maps and data dashboard explained what the authors call the global startup revolution that is challenging the United States’ singular dominance as the location for modern, high-tech startups and entrepreneurship. Silicon Valley is not the only place this is happening anymore, and it’s imperative the U.S. is able to remain dynamic and attract the best talent to keep our greatest advantage in the coming years.

CAE’s Rise of the Global Startup City

And recently, we helped the Solar Energy Industries Association showcase the increase of solar use by U.S. businesses across the country. In aggregate, we tracked more than 7,000 megawatts (MW) of installed solar capacity across 35,000 projects in 43 states, representing more than 70% of all commercial solar capacity installed in the U.S over the last decade through 2018. Businesses will have a leading role to play in creating a sustainable energy future and we’re proud of the way this project turned out in highlighting these achievements. 

SEIA’s Solar Means Business

These are just a few of the products that highlight the depth and breadth of what we can do when we combine the talents of our team of strategists and creatives to build analytical experiences for our clients.

We’re Investing In Our Analytical Future 

Creating innovative and credible data analytics experiences is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t come without a lot of planning and hard work. Here are a couple of the ways we’re betting on LGND Analytics’ future:


Although LGND’s team of 25+ creatives and strategists are the foundation for LGND Analytics, we are continuing to build a network in economics and data science. Combining with an already talented team of data-driven designers and technologists, led by my cofounder Michael Aleo and LGND’s lead developer Ryan McCahan, we’ve brought on Brendan Sullivan from Goldman Sachs’ asset management investment team to help supercharge this expansion. 

Brendan is accompanying me in setting up the strategy, identifying core offerings, and building the relationships that will power our growth. He recently relocated from New York to Washington DC and brings the intellectual curiosity and execution mindset needed to help us succeed. 

Additionally, after several successful collaborations with the economist and data scientist Ian Hathaway (see mapping project above), we’re excited to welcome him as a strategic advisor to LGND Analytics. Ian is currently a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and has been a long-time advisor to prominent public and private sector clients on matters concerning analytics, economics, innovation, strategy, and public policy. 


We work with the best and brightest partners, so we can quickly identify the right solution to create the best experience. While it can seem like the market is saturated with companies trying to capitalize on the rise of data-driven technology solutions, there are a few that stand out to us. 


My cofounder and LGND CEO Matt Lockwood’s years of experience at Google Maps offers LGND Analytics unique and differentiated perspective to the world of location-based data services. We believe Google Maps’ real-time and real-world insights and development solutions will lead the maps, routes, and places space, and we’ll continue to see innovations as it integrates with Google Cloud


We recently signed a partnership agreement with DC-based, SoftBank-funded Mapbox. Ask any developer: Mapbox is simply one of the best development tools available on the market for creating custom mapping solutions in the world. Their growth has been explosive, and we’ve developed a great working relationship with their talented team. 


The recent purchase of Tableau by SalesForce will further open the doors to the world of data integrations. We’re excited about assisting Tableau in helping build what it calls “Data Culture” inside organizations. Many companies have yet to capitalize on the significant amounts of data they’re collecting because they lack the collective mindset to turn data into insights; that will dramatically change in the coming years as adaptation becomes less of a want than a need. 

Helping Good Ideas Win

The explosion of data in recent years has brought as many challenges as it has opportunities. However, one thing is clear: it’s not going to slow down, and the organizations that use it to make decisions will outperform those that don’t. Just like LGND, LGND Analytics’ mission is to help good ideas win. 

The main difference is that we’re specifically focusing on assisting data-driven decision making and offering analytical solutions outside of the policy arena.

If we can help American economic policy succeed, we can help your business make better decisions. 

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