Today’s policy world is full of good ideas, but it is in desperate need of a way — a responsible way — to connect these ideas to people’s lives. Our team believes new ideas take root and flourish through personal and relatable storytelling. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Phillip Herndon is joining LGND.

Phillip has built a career at the forefront of media, policy, and technology. Having spent the last few years at the Business Roundtable leading digital advocacy and public affairs campaigns, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise harnessing the power of technology to supercharge storytelling.

We’ve had the great privilege of working with Phillip as both a client and collaborator and have seen first-hand his ability to transform audiences into advocates.

Phillip understands the importance of bringing a product mentality to the policy world, and he will be invaluable as we continue leveraging technology and beautiful design to distill complex ideas into experiences that recognize people as the protagonists of their own stories. His rich experience leading large-scale advocacy campaigns and web builds complements an LGND team staffed with experts in design, development, data analytics, and communications.

Since my early days writing speeches for Mayor Bloomberg, I’ve appreciated New York City as a place full of people and groups with exciting and important stories to tell. I can’t think of a person I’d rather have on the ground leading LGND|NYC.

There’s no shortage of high-stakes challenges on the horizon, and with Phillip on board, the LGND team is better-positioned than ever to help our clients ensure good ideas win.

Welcome to the LGND family, Phillip!


Matt Lockwood

Author Matt Lockwood

Matt focuses on making sure LGND delivers the most creative and compelling products possible for its clients. He also does his best Coach Taylor when the growing LGND team hits a wall. The team listens to his crazy ideas and occasionally even builds a few.

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