LGND’s Next Adventure

Photo of Matt Lockwood Matt Lockwood · June 20, 2019

My cofounders and I launched LGND just over two years ago to help good ideas win. Since its founding, we have partnered with people tackling some of the most important challenges of our time, including protecting the environment, improving access to economic and educational opportunity, promoting inclusion, guarding America’s innovation edge, combating the opioid crisis, making the world’s roads safer, and rethinking the future of aviation and public transportation, to name a few.

For too long, these ideas were locked up inside PDFs or hidden on hard-to-navigate sites. LGND’s idea from the beginning was that a digital-first approach to storytelling would help solutions get the attention they deserve.

At the end of a project, we create a launch badge to share with our clients. It’s the kind of honor earned when you summit a mountain. It’s the mission patch astronauts wear on their space suits. Our backpack isn’t nearly out of space, and I want to highlight a few areas where we’re placing our bets for the future.

LGND is now a team of over 25 full-time strategists and creatives.

Starting with just a few founders in Mike Aleo’s home office, LGND is now a team of more than 25 full-time strategists and creatives across the U.S. (and Scotland!), who have the talent and grit to design, build, and launch any product or campaign we put our minds to.

To highlight our work and the team behind it, we’re now releasing our third LGND website. I hope this unique, cinematic experience offers a glimpse of where LGND is headed.

In addition to the new website, here are two other announcements I’m excited to share:  

Our video team adds extraordinary storytelling chops.

We recently acquired our long-time video partner, DC-based production house Stellar. This acquisition has allowed us to hear directly from real people in our digital stories—the workers, families, and communities who are impacted most on the ground by the ideas we share.

Adding live-action video to a team that has already produced many beautiful, sophisticated animated videos is a huge win for LGND. Whether it’s shooting an event, creating a documentary, or simply combining live-action and animation together, LGND will now be able to produce differentiated video assets to help our clients stand out.

LGND Analytics will establish a strong storytelling foundation.

Our second big announcement is the launch of LGND Analytics, led by cofounder Patrick Sims. We founded the initiative to leverage surveys, data analysis, maps, and data visualization to supercharge already creatively-compelling campaigns and drive better business decisions.

And after several successful collaborations with the economist Ian Hathaway, we’re excited to welcome him as a strategic advisor to LGND Analytics. Ian is currently a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and has been a long-time advisor to prominent public and private sector clients on matters concerning analytics, economics, innovation, strategy, and public policy. Ian’s expertise will help guide us as we climb this next mountain.

LGND also recently became a preferred partner of Mapbox, the leading open-source platform for custom-designed mapping solutions. We’re excited to see where this emerging industry—at the intersection of data, design, and technology—takes us in the coming years.

Passion Improves Product.

“Passion Improves Product” is one of LGND’s core values. This enables us to run projects with empathy, create differentiated products built on trust, and rally around a shared vision of success. Plenty of agencies claim that, but we mean it and have the client testimonials to prove it.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting our core capabilities and the talented team members behind them. So stay tuned, and in the meantime, here’s my email if you or someone you know want to talk about a great idea that needs to win: [email protected].