What Would Life Look Like Without Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

Photo of Patrick Sims Patrick Sims · December 4, 2017

What would life look like without immigrant entrepreneurs?

It’s not a question Americans often consider, and the heated immigration debate in Washington has, at times, struggled to provide meaningful answers.

But think about it this way:

The Center for American Entrepreneurship (CAE) recently published a study that helps make sense of this question. Looking at the founders of America’s most valuable companies, the results are striking:

43 percent of companies in the 2017 Fortune 500 list were founded or co-founded by an immigrant or the child of an immigrant, and among the largest 35 companies, that share is 57 percent.

In other words, immigrants play an outsized role in the creation of some of our nation’s most successful businesses — and yes, we have them to thank for Disney, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and Heinz.

We founded LGND to help great ideas get the attention they deserve. This project exemplifies that mission. Our hats go off to John Dearie, Ian Hathaway, and CAE for launching this issue-defining digital story!