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LGND is a digital storytelling agency that builds products and launches ideas.

LGND’s team came together around two questions: What does it take for someone to learn about a complex issue? What, then, makes them act on what they’ve learned?

Many people will tell you there have never been more stories competing to be heard—that there have never been more organizations trying to break through the digital cacophony.  

They’re right.

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Storytelling is the oldest form of advocacy.

Storytellers have given rise and force to ideas and inventions that have shaped our world. But in a time when everyone has a platform, good storytelling is becoming harder to find.

LGND’s approach combines skillsets developed through careers built in both technology and policy.

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Before we place a pixel, Discovery sets our work up for success.

Our clients are diverse, yet they share one challenge: their issues are far from simple. This challenge never stems from lack of information and data. Rather, their core messages are hidden in obscure places or buried in complex materials.

We help our clients distill ideas to their purest and most compelling state by crafting a story that animates their mission and captures viewers’ attention.

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Leadership Team

The LGND team combines rich experience and expertise gained through careers in technology, policy, communications, and design to translate great ideas into stories that are impossible to ignore.

Matt Lockwood

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Aleo

President & Creative Director

Patrick Sims

Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew Dolan

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan McCahan

Lead Developer

Mary Spacapan

Associate Creative Director

Launch Badges

We commemorate every project with a launch badge.

It’s the kind of honor earned when you summit a mountain. It’s the mission patch that astronauts wear on their space suits.

The badge’s form and function tells a story about what is possible when great ideas are made manifest by our desire to explore the unknown. We draw inspiration from historical examples that represent what can happen when stories inspire action.

The stars and the wilderness. The exploration of space and the preservation and conservation of our nation’s public lands. This essence is our north star.

Is your story lost in the crowd?

Let’s work together to build the products and launch plan capable of transforming your audiences into advocates.

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