Past Work Experience

Andrew Dolan

Chief Operating Officer

As co-founder and chief operating officer for LGND, Andrew’s day-to-day revolves around setting the team up for success, so they’re able to deliver world-class products for our clients.

Again and again, I’ve seen the power of good storytelling to animate and align a company. A good story can be the seed of a great culture, a killer campaign, or an ongoing competitive advantage. I love that LGND gets to help ignite that spark.

A Boston native, Andrew lives in Washington, D.C. with his excitable Goldendoodle and his better half, Julia. You can find him in his natural habitat, a local coffee shop, sipping iced coffee year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

Before LGND, Andrew led 1776’s Challenge Cup, a global startup pitch competition in 70 cities, coaching thousands of entrepreneurs to tell their stories. Before that, Andrew was the Head of Company Culture for LivingSocial, as it scaled from 100 to over 4,000 employees There, he focused on internal communications and programming, so LivingSocial walked the walk of its core values.

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