AARP Livable

Built with the belief that communities should provide age-friendly housing, accessible transportation, and equitable policies, the AARP Livable Communities Initiative supports the efforts of neighborhoods, towns, cities, counties, and states to become more livable for people of all ages.

Across AARP’s Livable Communities efforts, their team had conducted extensive research, developed innovative new programs, and collected the latest research. However, they needed a way to showcase their work in an easily accessible and visually engaging way. By partnering with across several different initiatives, AARP and LGND developed rich, interactive experiences for AARP audiences to learn more about the work being done, how it affects them, and how they can get involved.
Summer 2018 | Livability Index (Livindex) Hub
For the relaunch of AARP’s new and improved Livability Index, they partnered with LGND to create a digital story as the “front door” to the data experience. While the Index itself is built on a robust data set, it lacked topline information about the country as a whole or comparisons between communities.
With a design that blended AARP’s branding with LGND’s approach to the “Modern Rockwell,” the digital story provides a beautifully designed and easy to use analysis of the country’s most livable communities.
Fall 2018 | Future of Transportation
After our work with the Livable Communities team for the LivIndex Hub, LGND partnered with the Future of Transportation team to provide design, content, and digital strategy support for the launch of their new report: Universal Mobility as a Service.
Our team designed the print report at the heart of the initiative, establishing a futuristic aesthetic that came to define the brand across print, web, and social. As part of the launch, LGND created a suite of digital assets including presentation templates, quote cards, and custom illustrations.
Additionally, LGND worked with thought leaders from AARP and their partners to produce a blog series based on the panel discussion from the launch webinar.
Spring 2019 | Future of Housing
In tandem with the work on Future of Transportation, LGND also partnered with AARP’s Future of Housing team to design and develop a digital story to serve as the main hub for research, programs, and content focused on creating more accessible and affordable housing for people of all ages.
The digital story featured an interactive map of programs and initiatives in cities across the country, case studies of real individuals affected by the high cost of housing, and research and policy recommendations.
Summer 2019 | Livability Index State Data
As the Future of Housing project was concluding, we partnered again with the Livable Communities team to create a hub for state- specific data and policies.
For the general public, the site provided summaries of state and local policies, but for internal AARP users, the site also provided granular looks at communities rankings in the state for each of the 7 key categories (housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity) as well as additional categories like voting rates, graduation rates, and traffic congestion.