America’s Automotive Future

Since November 2016, Japanese-branded automakers and suppliers have announced over 90 new investments, totaling $11 billion and creating almost 14,000 new jobs.


Toyota and other Japanese-branded automakers and suppliers wanted a way to visualize the significant impact of their contributions to the U.S. economy. And, with the help of a robust coalition of companies throughout the automotive industry–all with plants, offices, and employees based in the U.S.–LGND was able to transform thousands of geographic data points into an accessible and beautiful storytelling experience.


The positive contributions of Japanese-branded automakers, suppliers, and dealers to American workers, families, and communities across the U.S. is undeniable. Working closely with the coalition, LGND developed a custom brand, new messaging, and synthesized thousands of data points as well as brainstormed creative ways to transform the data into shareable insights.

One of the ways we made the data relatable was by building the functionality for users to select their Japanese-branded vehicle and see what state it was manufactured in. One of the key messages we wanted to communicate was that one out of every three vehicles made in America are manufactured by Japanese-branded automakers.


LGND designed the coalition’s digital storytelling experience specifically for tablet and made sure to optimize it across all devices. In addition, we created shareable data cards–LGND’s trademarked “Datamoji”–to allow users to spread the message across the social media, email, and more.


The map went live in early September and was shown on iPads to key policy makers and business leaders throughout the U.S. 

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“From ideation to execution LGND was a true creative partner. We built an interactive, shareable story that we will continue to update and share with policymakers.”

- Stephen Ciccone, Group Vice President, Government Affairs at Toyota