Bloomberg Philanthropies: Global Status Report on Road Safety


Bloomberg Philanthropies: Global Status Report on Road Safety

Bloomberg Philanthropies was looking for a creative way to display the key insights from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 2018 Global Status Report on Road Safety. This data-filled report shows that road traffic injury is the eighth leading cause of death globally, and that improving road safety represents one of the greatest opportunities to save lives.

Illustration &

Marketing &

Animated Video


Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with LGND to create a video that is beautifully designed and visually engaging, lifting WHO’s data insights off the page. The video emphasizes the efforts already underway in helping stem the rising rate of road traffic deaths despite more cars being on the road than ever before. Additionally, we wanted to ensure brand and storytelling alignment across video, infographic, and social media graphics deliverables.


We wove collage-style illustrations and animation together to turn the report insights into a cohesive and compelling narrative. Many of the visual elements drew inspiration from the video’s symphonic theme–showing that intelligent road design can transform cities from chaotic danger zones into orchestrated, and safer, patterns of movement.

Instagram Story: rules of the road

Instagram Story: public awareness


In addition to the animated video and infographic, LGND developed a custom social media package that included a series of motion graphics, still-frames optimized for sharing across social platforms, and a 1-minute Instagram Story. The Instagram Story featured a custom, split-frame design treatment that enabled us to communicate our data-rich narrative on a platform where most users watch without sound, and where native closed-captions often detract from the design aesthetic.

These assets were launched in December of 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland as part of the WHO's 2018 Global Status Report on Road Safety release.

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