Who provides the tools that help folks get back to work after an injury? BTE. Their rehabilitation equipment provides advanced evidence-based physical therapy for clinics, hospitals and private practices. With Workforce Solutions that improve safety, reduce injuries and claimed costs, and measurably increase performance.


Design & Dev



Evolve, redesign & rebuild

While BTE is very well-known in their industry, they approached us about elevating their website to expand that audience. We worked with their team to bring their tech into the modern, responsive age with a complete re-imagining of their online presence.

With existing, strong branding in hand, we aimed to build on those assets and create a modern, informative site to tell their story of changing lives and improving businesses on a daily basis.


Color exploration

The color palette was based around an existing brand and an evolution of that brand to encompass more story telling on the web and in print.

Prestigious history

A key component of our redesign was focusing on the company's history of breakthroughs and their ongoing industry leadership.


IA & Wireframes

Since this was a completely new site we had the opportunity to create the perfect structure, separating the products and content and creating the perfect user interface for browsing products and the other areas of the website.


Designing the website

We created a responsive website aimed at delivering the BTE story and all the comprehensive product information their audience will need to make the best choice for their rehab equipment or workforce solutions.