Center for a New American Security:
Proliferated Drones Project

Proliferated Drones, a project by the Center for a New American Security, is designed to examine the implications of drone proliferation and identify the core issues facing the United States and its partners.


Digital Storytelling


No droning on

We partnered with CNAS to create a microsite focused around their latest government report about Proliferated Drones. The key requirement was to create an interface for editorial content that enhanced the readability and sharing features.

We set about creating a unique experience that does all that and can be managed by their editorial team.


Color exploration

We had an initial set of colors from the existing CNAS brand and then took that and explored colors associated with the USA and military.

Lots and lots of drones

We created and sourced a huge amount of drone images and icons and shapes and photographs and anything else that vaguely resembles a drone.


A reading interface

We wanted the audience to experience the content like a magazine, we had the benefit of the browser and the ability to hook elements of the user interface around the content.


The end result

We created a responsive experience that brings the content to life through stunning design, awesome photography and bold typography that highlights the hierachy of the content.

Mixed in with our new reading interface and the end result is something we are all truly proud of.