Concordia is a nonpartisan nonprofit that supports and creates partnerships for social impact. Over the last 6 years, they’ve evolved from an event with two hundred people in New York to a global organization, tackling some of the thorniest problems that our world faces with members and leadership hailing from the public and private sectors around the world.

As they embarked on their Campaign for a Sustainable Global Supply Chain, Concordia approached us to partner and support their work. This campaign not only dives into the infinitely complicated supply chain behind food systems everywhere but also focuses on the issues through the lens of improving animal welfare in the process. With such a complex challenge ahead of us, we dove into our Discovery process at the Concordia team’s side.

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Sustainable supply chain

We sketched out a campaign of mini-documentaries alongside rolling releases of elegant editorial from Concordia’s Director of Social Impact, Hanne Dalmut. The series arc was simple: the supply chain is vastly complicated, and there are unique challenges at every "link." Let's bring viewers chronologically through our food's journey.

Together, we researched and reached out to industry leaders from coast to coast. We visited and interviewed in urban gardens, family farms, nonprofit offices, and farmers' markets, listening to leaders at every stage. The resulting footage make each element of our supply chain personal, adding faces and stories at each stage while giving jargon-free explanations for the challenges and the path forward.


Part 1: Spotlight on our Farmers


Part 2: Transport to Market & Sustainable Sourcing


Part 3: Innovators Closing the Consumer Loop


Our Path to Sustainable Global Food Supply

Concordia is a relatively small organization that deals with some of the largest and most pressing issues facing the world today. We're inspired by our mission of building partnerships for social impact, and working with LGND has helped us get our messaging out there to inspire others. The partnership-based solutions that we're amplifying require everyone to get involved—we believe it’s essential to smartly communicate the urgency around these challenges, in particular—and LGND has helped us better capture our audience and showcase their role in moving the needle.

Hanne Dalmut
Director of Social Impact