Financial Transparency Coalition

FTC is striving for a sustainable financial system that works for everyone. The group is a global network of civil society, governments, and the world’s foremost experts on illicit financial flows.


Design & Dev



Rebrand, Redesign & Rebuild

The Financial Transparency Coalition approached LGND based on the work we did for Global Financial Integrity, having been impressed with what we achieved. After meeting the team the mission was clear: A complete reimagining of the FTC brand and all digital and print collateral.

After learning about FTC's mission we immediately saw the opportunity we had to help the group improve the world. By better presenting the Financial Transparency Coalition and building narrative hooks around the elements of the group's mission, we could bring greater light to illicit financial flows and FTC's efforts to combat them.


Designing a New Logo

Where do you start with an organization whose mission is to curb corruption around the world? We started with their symbol of hope, their logo. We considered a number of concepts and drilled down the choices until we found the perfect mark that the whole team is proud of.

We wanted the mark to instantly convey what the organization is about. The symbol had to have global focus and sit proudly next to the word mark. The LGND team approached a number different symbols, iterating and re-iterating to hone in on an identity with trust and longevity.

Color Exploration

The color palette had to establish the tone for the audience and make experiencing the brand a pleasure while being taken seriously, both online and offline. We stuck with cooler colors to communicate this trust, with warmer highlights to direct the eye as needed.

Setting the Tone

These efforts took the FTC brand from a financial neutral tone to a modern, stylish, important and vital tone that will last and have a real impact on the world.


Designing the Website

FTC's refreshed interface and branding helped bring the group to a global stage, giving it a platform worthy of the organization's work. The site is built responsively for seamless access across devices. We're proud of the work that went into choosing every aspect of the interface to ensure the graceful interplay of elements.