Haberle Congress Brewing Company

Originally founded in 1857, Haberle Congress Brewing Company produced Congress Beer, the most recognizable beer in Syracuse, New York, for decades before the brewery closed its doors in 1962. Over 50 years later, the Haberles returned with a new vision to release an authentic Congress Beer that represents a century of heritage, honors their family, and sets a brewing standard that cannot be replicated by today’s trends.


Marketing &



Preparing to relaunch their brand in a new, modern era, Haberle Congress Brewing Company approached LGND to create a compelling brand video that captured both the history of the brewery and its vision of the future while introducing their new president and unveiling the beer label.

Haberle Congress Brewing Company’s goals for the video were clear: relaunch the brand at a pivotal moment, feature their illustrious history, and introduce their new president and beer label. The challenge was to achieve all three within one short video.


LGND traveled to Syracuse and shot a simple, yet powerful one-minute video in an attic that belonged to the last president of the brewery before operations ceased in 1962. The attic contained several historic artifacts from the original brand, leveraged to create promotional photos for use on the website and in a social media push to announce Haberle Congress’ official return to prominence.

"With our 100-year-old company relaunching our flagship lager beer in Spring 2019 and the announcement of our new president and CEO, we had a lot to say in one single piece of content. LGND suggested a concept for a video, which executed all of this and more. The video alone allowed us to obtain wide distribution within weeks of launch and the photo content was great for social media use and introducing our brand to a wider audience."