The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation - Rethink Education

The Kauffman Foundation is a Kansas City-based nonprofit working to enhance educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for communities across the state and around the country.

Any American could tell you that the U.S. economy is dynamic, rapidly changing, and constantly innovating. Yet somehow, our public high school education system has remained unchanged for nearly a century. The result: too many students are graduating unprepared for the job market.


The Kauffman Foundation approached LGND for help in telling their story of a reimagined K-12 education system, one that is modernized to reflect today’s economic reality and prepares students for the ever-changing job market they’re about to enter.

Our team created compelling branding, videos, visuals, and site design to highlight Kauffman’s vision for future education in America. The college-style design layered real-world photography with unique illustrations, juxtaposing between the status quo and an ideal system.


Leveraging custom collage-style illustrations, LGND built a visually-engaging website and dynamic video that showcased the story behind Kauffman’s Rethink Education campaign complete with best in-class animation, optimized for user experience. These visuals highlighted an evolving world and changes policymakers could make to ensure our educational systems catch up.

The site hosted all of the other digital assets we created, like videos, infographics, and visuals for social media while giving the Kauffman Foundation a central hub to host everything related to their initiative. Each of the unique data visualizations were individually shareable across all social platforms.


Our products in the Rethink Education initiative were featured in Kauffman’s May 2019 newsletter and formally launched on their website and social media in early June of 2019.

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