S&P Global

S&P Global is the preeminent provider of data, analytics, benchmarks and insights in financial markets around the world. With a global roster of world-class economists, we were ecstatic to have the opportunity to help visualize the ideas and insights contained in one of their industry-leading reports.

Combining in-depth policy research, media-ready insights, and top-tier visual technology and design, the LGND team was able to realize S&P Global’s ideas and analysis into a digital storytelling experience. S&P Global’s talented in-house team of economists, communicators, and technologists made the process smooth and professional.

Digital Storytelling

Illustrations & Infographics


Design & Development

We were honored to support them in a successful launch, which you can read about in the report’s coverage in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and the Houston Chronicle, among others. It was a win for S&P Global, and the work helped validate LGND’s hypothesis: policy ideas receive the attention they deserve when they become policy products.