Village Capital

Based in Washington, D.C., Village Capital brings a unique, new model to venture capital in order to “democratize entrepreneurship.” The organization finds, trains, and invests in entrepreneurs solving real-world problems. While focusing on industries like agriculture, education, energy, financial services, health, and more, they pride themselves on sourcing talent from chronically overlooked markets and bring a novel, new strategy to directing their investments.

As an organization that’s advocating for such an innovative, new approach, they also produce research and share their insights around what makes their novel strategy both socially important and financially lucrative toward investors. For this project, they partnered with the Gates Foundation to share the stories of the entrepreneurs in east Africa and India that are building companies to create new digital financial systems.

Digital Storytelling

Illustrations & Infographics


Share the Voice of DFS Entrepreneurs

Finance (like so many others) is an industry plagued by jargon and complexity. From the names of financial instruments to the strategies associated with deploying them, it can oftentimes be hard for a casual observer to grasp the significance of a given concept, let alone for an important stakeholder to see a clear path to improvement.

The VilCap team prides itself on driving more understanding around industries, regions, and entrepreneurs that have historically been passed over. Here, they were faced with sharing insights about the current realities of new financial systems emerging in East Africa and India.


LGND worked with the VilCap team to identify the most compelling elements of the research and blend it with sharp visuals and animations to make the report come alive through the visual voice of the entrepreneurs on the ground. An interactive design also conveyed a clear and compelling path from problem to recommendation, along with the data to back them both up.


Village Capital had a powerful digital story to lay out the opportunities and challenges facing the DFS ecosystem in East Africa and India, as well present actionable recommendations to the investors, entrepreneurs, foundations and governments with have the power to unlock the full potential of innovative financial tools in these regions.

View the Digital Story

Before this project, Village Capital was new to digital storytelling. The LGND team worked with us to dig into the research and turn a dense but important set of findings into a digital roadmap for DFS success. The feedback from our partners has been overwhelmingly positive.

Ben Wrobel
Senior Associate, Business Development, Content Management
Village Capital