LGND is a digital storytelling agency that builds products and launches ideas.

Our work is driven by the belief that if logic leads to conclusion, emotion leads to action.

We work every day with our partners to deliver experiences that can be felt and believed.

That’s how good ideas win.

Storytelling is the oldest form of advocacy.

Storytellers have given rise and force to ideas and inventions that have shaped our world. But in a time when everyone has a platform, it’s harder than ever to break through the noise.

Meanwhile, our best ideas are trapped in PDFs, spreadsheets, and clunky websites.

We work with partners to transform data into insights and ideas into experiences.

Digital storytelling helps good ideas get the attention they deserve.


Before we place a pixel or shoot a frame, our discovery process sets every project up for success


Workshop Session

Research, Analysis, and Planning

Research, Analysis, & Planning

Deliver Playbook

Discovery Playbook


Your mission should be visualized

Website Design & Development

Turn your website into a digital storytelling experience

Print Design & Infographics

Great design helps lift insights off the page

Animated Explainers

Produce custom visual experiences that intersects the logical and the emotional

Live-Action Video

Quickly and effectively demonstrate the impact of ideas on individuals and policies on people

Data Visualization & Mapping

Maps are stories–they should be beautiful, intuitive, and make complex data sets accessible and actionable

Communications & Media Strategy

It’s not enough to build a great product or tell a great story, you have to launch it to help get it the attention it deserves

We commemorate every project with a launch badge.

It’s the kind of honor earned when you summit a mountain. It’s the mission patch that astronauts wear on their space suits.

The badge’s form and function tells a story about what is possible when great ideas are made manifest by our desire to explore the unknown. We draw inspiration from historical examples that represent what can happen when stories inspire action.

The stars and the wilderness. The exploration of space and the preservation and conservation of our nation’s public lands. This essence is our north star.