Earning Our LGND Launch Badge

Photo of Matt Lockwood Matt Lockwood · September 7, 2017

We are excited to announce today that Legend becomes LGND.

Here’s what that means: For starters, we acquired NAV, the design and dev agency built by my LGND cofounder and friend, Mike Aleo. I met Mike as a client of NAV—where I was as impressed by the passion and integrity of his team as by the amazing interactive maps we created together. Their tech, creative, and video chops will help LGND tell differentiated digital stories for years to come.

We are still committed to building products and launching ideas. But we are reimagining our own story—searching for that special form of inspiration to create digital experiences capable of cutting through the noise that defines our digital landscape.

In that way, the evolution to LGND is the culmination of what we believe in and the work we do: pushing ourselves and our clients to build products that use data to inform and emotion to drive action. This is how we turn audiences into advocates.

Our journey is perhaps best understood through the prism of LGND’s first story: our launch badge. It is the kind you earn when you summit a mountain; it is the mission patch that astronauts wear on their space suits.

The badge’s form and function tell a story about what is possible when great ideas are made manifest by our desire to explore the unknown. In this way, we drew inspiration from historical examples that represent what can happen when stories inspire action. The stars and the wilderness—the exploration of space and the preservation and conservation of our nation’s public lands.

To accomplish these visions, budgets were allocated, experts rallied under one banner, and precise planning ensued. So while it is true these ideas came to life through complex policies, the most important factor was a leap of faith by the American people to support them—a leap made possible by stories that ignited their imagination and wonder.

That is our inspiration: What drives us to act from what we see? And what is it that we hope to see in our lifetimes?

Great storytelling is the oldest form of advocacy. Storytellers have given rise and force to ideas and inventions that have shaped our world.

After nearly a year in business, we’ve had the chance to distill important issues into storytelling experiences for a number of amazing clients across a wide array of issues, including healthcare, sustainability, finance, education and other policy areas that influence the lives of all Americans.

Our approach combines the experiences and skillsets developed through careers built in both technology and policy.

In Silicon Valley, the epicenter of modern technological innovation, life revolves around products. In Washington, D.C., the ideas are the products. By blending advanced technology and great design with rigorous policy analysis, we work with our friends and clients to create powerful, immersive content that forges these two worlds together.

As we look to new horizons and chart a course full of new challenges, we are confident that the next phase in our history will build on the last: harnessing the power of supercharged storytelling to help good ideas win.

Want to earn your own launch badge? We would love to help you discover your story and explore how we can work together to launch your next idea.