Mapping the New Recovery

Patrick Sims · May 21, 2020

Inside LGND: Favorite Podcasts

Patrick Sims · September 28, 2019

Listen up Spotify bet big last year by adding podcasts to its global music streaming platform. It was a great decision! The company’s podcast growth had almost doubled since the start of the year, based on its Q2 earnings report. And, for the first time, over half of Americans reported…

LGND Analytics Will Unleash Data-Driven Decision Making

Patrick Sims · July 28, 2019

Data Analytics Is In Our DNA We started LGND because the very first visualization we helped build and launch–the Distressed Communities Index (DCI)–unlocked the combined power of data + technology + storytelling to better understand real-world challenges and create high-impact solutions.  Looking at the DCI’s economic data on a granular…

Simple Isn’t Stupid

Patrick Sims · April 23, 2018

“Keep It Simple, Stupid” Has Lost Its Meaning.  Originally coined in the mid-20th century by aircraft engineers, it’s now thrown around ad nauseam by politicos and PR professionals everywhere. In the early days of flight, the phrase carried helpful value for explaining complex systems. Today, however, the adage implies that…

Why Food Trucks Are Bellwethers For Potential Entrepreneurship

Patrick Sims · March 21, 2018

Why does it costs roughly $5,000 a year to operate a food truck in Portland, Oregon but over $30,000 in Boston, Massachusetts? My home of Washington, DC is ranked 19th — the second least-friendly city — according the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s new Food Truck Nation study, the most comprehensive report…

What Would Life Look Like Without Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

Patrick Sims · December 4, 2017

What would life look like without immigrant entrepreneurs? It’s not a question Americans often consider, and the heated immigration debate in Washington has, at times, struggled to provide meaningful answers. But think about it this way: Have you ever watched a Disney movie? Made a purchase on Amazon? Wanted the…

Digital Storytelling: Making Good Ideas Great Again

Patrick Sims · November 4, 2017

The policy world needs digital storytelling. This may not sound particularly earth-shattering— especially coming from someone who recently launched a digital storytelling company. But it’s worth saying. Why? Because in addition to building awesome products for our happy clients, I believe this approach to communicating ideas has the power to…

5 Tips For Winning (And Losing) Policy Battles In 2017

Patrick Sims · January 26, 2017

It’s 2017,  Donald Trump is POTUS, and Republicans are in complete control for the first time in a decade… Read: There will be seismic policy shifts in 2017, and everything is on the table. Any time change happens at this scale, it results in a lot of winners and losers. However,…

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