I. Challenge

Every three years, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) surveys thousands of Americans across the country to get a pulse on the behaviors, motivations, and education that are guiding financial decision-making.

FINRA asked LGND to help transform its survey data into engaging insights and interactive visualizations to bring more attention to the effort. Previous reports were less accessible to reporters and the general public, in the realm of the static PDF and spreadsheet.


II. Solution

By diving into previous releases, we discovered that the survey data had never been analyzed within demographic groups or across geographies. And, although FINRA began conducting the survey in 2009, the data hadn’t been analyzed for trends over time.

As a part of the storytelling experience, we created several new, interactive ways to highlight the insights to increase engagement and help users, reporters, and members of industry relate to the data more directly. With a collection of chart breakdowns, interactive maps, custom surveys, and more, we allowed users to explore the survey data as it related to the most important issues and challenges of modern investing.

III. Results

We continued to roll out interactive insights throughout 2022 and into early 2023, helping transform the survey into an ongoing, insights-driven campaign and ensuring users were provided opportunities to engage with the data and interact with questions and answers in new and exciting ways.

The report continues to be cited by news outlets on a regular basis, helping FINRA continue its outreach and financial education initiatives.

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