I. Challenge

The health care industry is complex and ever-changing, and it touches each and every American. That’s why America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)’s mission to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of health care and coverage for all Americans is so critical.

Equally important are AHIP’s efforts to educate audiences on the myriad health care challenges the country faces today, as well as on the role health insurance providers play as proactive agents of progress and change.


II. Solution

LGND was tasked with creating video content focused on the many different aspects of AHIP’s work, from their efforts around mental health and health equity, to their foundational mission and network of experts. In doing so, it was crucial to maintain a sense of trust and seriousness given the nature of the content, but also present the information in a clear, easy-to-understand, and visually engaging way.

Across videos, we used a mixture of animation and live-action and optimized the content for use across platforms to maximize its reach, while building upon AHIP’s existing brand identity.

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III. Results

With these videos, and alongside future content in our ongoing partnership with AHIP, we’re helping illuminate what challenges the health care industry is taking on, why the time for action is now, and how everyone needs to come together to find solutions. By featuring the videos front and center on their website and sharing them across their social media platforms, AHIP is utilizing this content to demonstrate exactly how they’re turning healthy insights into helpful innovations to Guide Greater Health.

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