Resolve To Save
Lives: Epidemics
That Didn’t Happen

With millions of lives lost, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have widespread and devastating impacts across the world.

The pandemic also presents a meaningful opportunity for public health organizations to position their importance, both in the present recovery and for future public health emergencies.


While case counts, death tolls, and politics related to COVID-19 have dominated news headlines, the untold stories of successful epidemic response efforts also deserve our attention.


While the next pandemic is inevitable, some of the devastating human and economic losses can be mitigated.

Resolve to Save Lives (RTSL), an initiative of Vital Strategies, led by the former U.S. Director of the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Tom Frieden, approached LGND to help them digitally showcase how prevention is paramount to saving lives.

For their inaugural report – Epidemics That Didn’t Happen –LGND built a beautiful and compelling digital story featuring photography, data visualization, and video to distill these examples.

To promote more comprehensive visibility around their mission and efforts, LGND also designed RTSL’s Epidemic Preparedness homepage, where the digital experience lives today.

From a Kenyan anthrax outbreak contained by community action to a Brazlian outbreak of Yellow Fever halted by an ambitious vaccine plan, these case studies highlight the effectiveness of strong epidemic preparedness and response systems. The report also highlights unique stories in Vietnam, Mongolia, Senegal, and countries throughout Africa that showcased strong and effective responses to COVID-19.


LGND also produced a principle video for the digital experience, combining live-action footage, interviews with RTSL leadership, custom design, music, and animation to humanize and contextualize the report and RTSL’s work as a leading public health organization.

Epidemics That Didn’t Happen serves as a message of hope and a call to action: by investing and prioritizing epidemic preparedness and taking effective action, future pandemics are preventable.

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LGND created the Epidemic Preparedness homepage to serve as the primary location for RTSL to communicate their efforts and priorities. The homepage features custom animations, case studies, photography, and interactive design to educate stakeholders on epidemic preparedness and response, and their importance.


LGND also created an interactive map comparison tool for the homepage to visualize the impact preparedness and response has on a country’s ability to respond to disease outbreaks. Using RTSL’s ReadyScore data and Foreign Policy’s COVID-19 Global Response Index, this tool allows users to compare various countries’ preparedness and response scores, effectively demonstrating why certain countries responded more successfully to COVID-19 than others.


The Epidemics That Didn’t Happen digital story went live on Resolve To Save Live’s website on April 27, 2021.


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“To ensure our report’s life-saving insights reached audiences and created real impact, we needed a digital experience that was both visually compelling and accessible around the world. LGND was a true creative and strategic partner that brought our report to life with an impactful, interactive digital story that allows users to explore and understand the lessons of Epidemics That Didn’t Happen. We couldn’t be happier with the final experience.”

Erin Sykes

Vice President Communications