Aireon Marks New Chapter in Aviation History

For decades, real-time flight tracking wasn't available across 70% of the earth's surface. In April 2019, Aireon’s space-based ADS-B revolutionized the way we fly by making global air traffic surveillance a reality. Thanks to Aireon’s technology, any aircraft equipped with ADS-B can now be tracked in real time by a network of satellites from Iridium Communications.

As Aireon’s agency of record, we’re honored to be a part of their journey, from concept to launch. Together, we partnered to create Aireon’s visual identity, captured stakeholder video across the globe, helped design and build their proprietary enterprise data dashboard used for marketing, sales and maintenance purposes, and led outreach to ensure this revolutionary technology gets the recognition it deserves.

Live &
Animated Video

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Preparing for Take-Off

In 2015, Aireon first partnered with us to create a website that tells the story of their unique and groundbreaking services. From there, LGND played an integral part in marketing and branding the launch, building out a suite of videos, graphics, and media-ready assets to support Aireon’s storytelling as a fully operational entity.

Mapbox-Powered Real-Time Flight Tracker Dashboard

Using Mapbox, LGND designed Aireon a flight tracking dashboard that updates aircraft locations in real time, mirroring the visuals that air navigation service providers get when they use Aireon’s data.


In advance of Aireon’s Go Live in April 2019, LGND created a series of animated videos to concisely convey an overview of Aireon’s work and plans to improve worldwide flight-tracking with ADS-B data.


With Aireon’s global footprint, it was essential to share the launch moment with stakeholders, media, and general public across the world in real time. LGND helped produce and live-stream a joint press conference in Washington, D.C. and London on the day of Aireon’s North Atlantic launch to share the ground-breaking technology with the general public in real time.


Aireon tasked LGND with supercharging its media presence. From designing digital assets and preparing tailored press lists to writing advisories and pitching reporters, LGND manages Aireon’s public relations and messaging as well as continued brand work.

"LGND has been a driving force in elevating the Aireon brand. They have an incredible cross-section of experts who specialize in marketing, communications, public affairs, graphic design and imagery, creating the perfect group of experts to deploy a multi-faceted approach to promoting your organization. Launching our service as flawlessly, professionally and widely as we did, could not have been possible without the support of LGND."

- Jessie Hillenbrand