Aireon’s space-based ADS-B will make global air traffic surveillance a powerful reality. In 2018 Aireon will extend air traffic visibility across the planet. LGND is their agency of record.


Illustrations & Infographics


Design & Dev


Evolve, Redesign & Rebuild

In 2015 Aireon approached us to create a website to match the scale of their amazing services.

Aviation and space-based navigation come with inherently compelling imagery, but LGND's challenge was to show how Aireon stands apart from its competitors. We pulled back from the obvious with Aireon's design, to focus on the safety and operational benefits of air traffic surveillance.


Color Exploration

We extended Aireon's color palette to bring a fresher look to the previous branding. The exploration allowed the brand to support a wider array of storytelling on the web and in print.

Revolutionary Tech

Aireon is all about revolutionary technology. That’s the story we set to tell with amazing content and stunning visuals.


IA & Wireframes

Information architecture is often one of the easiest overlooked but most impactful elements of a website redesign. LGND prioritized a thoughtful reassessment of the website structure and succeeded in shortening user paths so people can find the content they need more quickly and easily.


Video Production

Nothing tells a story like a video can. We produced and continue to produce videos for Aireon telling the story of their technology and services. Here's one of our latest videos.


Building the Website

We created a responsive website aimed at delivering the Aireon story and all the comprehensive technology information their audience will need to learn more and get on board.

When we brought LGND on, Aireon was in desperate need of a visual identity, one that set us apart from the rest of the aviation industry. LGND swooped in and took the task as a personal project to elevate our brand, marketing and image. They became as much invested in the organization as our employees and were not simply vendors, but evangelists of our brand. It's great to have a wonderful vendor, but it's better to have a solid member of the team. LGND makes our team complete and we look forward to our future projects and ways we can continue to grow the Aireon brand together.

Jessie Hillenbrand
Director of Marketing and PR