American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Project 2025

For more than 30 years, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has led the charge in understanding and preventing suicide. Combining research, education, and advocacy, AFSP increases public knowledge about mental health and suicide prevention and brings hope to those affected by suicide.


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With the United States having experienced a rise in suicide deaths over the last two decades, AFSP laid forth its objective to reduce the country’s annual suicide rate by 20% by 2025. AFSP’s data-driven goal, Project 2025, has strong scientific underpinnings, unlike any prevention campaign before it. But the movement needed a partner to translate insights into an engaging, strategic story. In the wealth of AFSP’s existing information and partners, LGND saw the perfect opportunity to create an adaptive digital experience that brands the campaign, educates users on key prevention areas, and spotlights the mission and progress of Project 2025.


Following our Discovery process, where we identified the audience, branding, and communications objectives of AFSP, LGND developed custom moodboards and graphics to help set the tone for the Project 2025 microsite. We worked closely with AFSP to incorporate essential components of the organization’s research, address digital and design details, and highlight the potential impact of the entire campaign. The final result reflects an interactive opportunity for users to absorb crucial, topic-specific information while learning more about relevant research, news, and supporters.

Project 2025 stands at the intersection of information and action. At the top of the experience, AFSP clearly defines their bold goal, supported by four focus areas of prevention that foreshadow what information users can expect to learn. The microsite also lays out additional tools for education, prevention, and engagement, combining expert testimonials and external resources. Connective design, bold graphics, and an easily consumable format give users an accessible overview of AFSP’s research, objectives, and progress.

Microsite wireframes


AFSP debuted the Project 2025 microsite in 2019. The completed digital experience serves as a strong stand-alone platform that champions research, education, and advocacy to further this crucial mission of prevention.

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I am so thrilled and proud to see it in its final form and to share it with the rest of our organization and community! Thank you all for the incredible amount of hard work that went into developing this much needed tool for our Project 2025 efforts.

- Michael Rosanoff, Senior Director, Project 2025