Economic Innovation Group & EY: The Millennial Economy

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Founded in 2013, the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) combines research and data-driven advocacy to address America’s most pressing economic challenges. Drawing from both sides of the aisle, EIG brings together leading entrepreneurs, investors, economists, and policymakers to work together to advance creative policy proposals that will bring new jobs, investment, and economic growth to U.S. communities.



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In 2016, EY and EIG conducted a national public opinion survey of 1,200 Millennials to gauge their views on a variety of issues related to the economy at all levels—personal, local, and national—and the challenges they face almost seven years into the recovery from the Great Recession.

The results painted a complex picture of a generation convinced the economy is failing them; one that is willing to work hard to better their lot but is very uncertain about what comes next.

As with any large data set, the challenge for LGND was making the data visually interesting, easily comprehensible, and engaging.


Visual Storytelling

LGND created a digital storytelling experience to visually convey the survey’s top findings. We assisted in the cross-tabular analysis and conducted additional research to explain the root causes of millennial angst. We then built infographics and charts, to be housed inside a clean, dropdown design infrastructure that organized the survey’s top takeaways.

Beyond that, we featured the full findings of the survey in a sliding card design, for more in-depth analysis by researchers and journalists. Additionally, we created an interactive quiz with questions from the survey, allowing readers to see how they compared to respondents on key issues. Taken together, these design choices allowed the story to humanize the plight of millennials and start a solution-focused dialogue.


Visit to experience the digital story and view the survey findings featured in The Washington Post, NPR, Bloomberg News, and others.

See it in action

"One of our main objectives at EIG has been to present our research in a way that is both engaging and accessible to people. With the Millennial Economy, the LGND team created a high-impact, digital home for this research that generated both a large amount of public interest and longevity of the project itself."

— Amanda Byrd, Manager for Public Affairs