National Association of Independent Schools - Leadership Journeys

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is a non-profit association of over 1,800 schools in the U.S., including over 1,500 private K-12 schools. NAIS provides education research, professional development, career recruitment, and policy recommendations for its member organizations. NAIS sought a digital story that could highlight the personal pathways and experiences of leaders at several of their independent schools.

Design & Dev



Our mission was storytelling, pure and simple. Since NAIS has hundreds of schools across the country, it was important to emphasize the varied backgrounds of those in education leadership and the unique journeys that led them to their positions. Passionate educators discussing their pathways and motivations is a recipe for genuine storytelling at its finest. The challenge for LGND was ensuring coherent branding with other NAIS assets while maintaining their specific vision for the product.


The Interviews

LGND began by conducting in-depth discovery interviews with NAIS to develop a comprehensive understanding of their brand and goals for the story. Once we settled upon a design and medium — recorded interviews — we worked in conjunction with NAIS leaders to develop a questionnaire that reflected the direction the association had in mind. LGND provided original photography as well as audio recording and engineering for the project, culminating in a seamless and free-flowing website design with embedded audio. The final product drove home the true importance of a diverse set of educators working tirelessly on behalf of all students.

Interactive sounds bites to hear featured introduction


LGND also provided the media strategy for the launch of the digital story. In our launch playbook, we outlined strategies to encourage social media sharing by the Academies’ partners and stakeholders, as well as outlined recommendations to boost coverage by national media targets.

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