NCTA: The Internet & Television Association – Connected Country

NCTA is a national trade association representing innovators and creators building the world’s most powerful technology platform and creating exciting content and services that entertain, inform, and inspire consumers every day.


NCTA asked LGND to come up with a storytelling concept to highlight the importance of broadband internet in connecting U.S. workers, families, and communities.

Drawing on our strategy and video production team’s expertise, we humanized the abstract public policy idea of rural broadband by bringing it down to a local level. Using compelling graphics and video coupled with census data, LGND framed access to the internet as America’s “opportunity infrastructure.”


Starting with economic data from the U.S. Census Bureau, we identified communities across the country with low access to high-speed internet infrastructure by their access to broadband and household subscription rates. These two metrics indicate whether a community needs more access to opportunity or more education about the benefits of access.

Next, we developed graphics and a narrative highlighting how quickly and extensively high-speed internet infrastructure has been developed and constructed, and how essential its use and upkeep is to community opportunities, economies, and development.

Working together, LGND and NCTA uncovered stories of rural communities positively impacted by recently-deployed high-speed internet, showcasing them using our best-in-class documentary video capabilities.


The town of St. Francis, Kansas was dramatically underserved by broadband access providers until they had recently worked with NCTA member company Eagle Communications to deploy fiber-optic internet across their community. From farming to education, fiber deployment across the town gave new life to the businesses and workers that call St. Francis home.

The LGND team spent several days immersed in the community filming key characters, turning that footage into three short documentary videos highlighting specific stories about the town’s digital transformation.

The digital story and accompanying videos were launched in mid-2019 and continue to be a hallmark piece on NCTA’s website.

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