Greater Washington Partnership: Blueprint for Regional Mobility

Led by CEOs and business leaders across the Capital Region—from Baltimore, Richmond, and Washington, DC—Greater Washington Partnership (GWP) convenes decision-makers to help ensure the area is the world’s best place to live, work, and grow. The Capital Region is one of the largest economies in the United States, supporting thousands of companies and millions of workers and families. However, structural problems around issues like talent, transportation, and skill-development stand in the way of growth in this key economic corridor.

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In 2018, GWP came to LGND with rich proprietary and third-party data highlighting accessibility in the Capital Region. LGND and GWP easily aligned on the challenges and opportunities that the data supported. Together, we turned GWP's expansive dataset and the insights from their “Blueprint for Regional Mobility” report into an animated explainer video and a digital storytelling website with detailed interactive map. We also designed the print report and accompanying infographics. The interactive map layered transportation and accessibility data to provide users with valuable insight about the transportation realities and economic mobility across the region.


Following our Discovery process–where we identified GWP’s audience goals, objectives, and branding–LGND created custom illustrations and designs to help lift the report's insights off the page.

Through the animated video, LGND created a comprehensive but accessible introduction to GWP’s work and its plan to improve regional mobility. The video’s custom illustrations helped further emphasize the Blueprint’s priorities — connecting the super-region, improving consumer experience, ensuring equitable access, and integrating innovation.

The website housed the video, map, and insights, turning them into a digital storytelling experience that showcased the data-rich project in an easily digestible format. The hallmark of the digital story was the interactive map, which visualized how cross-sector collaboration and investment across the region could be deployed to bring us closer together and create inclusive opportunities for workers, families, and communities.


The report was released as part of GWP's 2018 Capital Region Transportation Forum: Mobilizing for Action. The event brought together transportation leaders and innovators from across the region to discuss the bold steps needed to build an inclusive transportation system for years to come. GWP’s effort received attention from The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and other media outlets across the region.

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"From the very beginning, LGND was a true creative and strategic partner that brought our Blueprint to Regional Mobility to life. The beautifully-designed website and an interactive map allows users to explore our regional transportation system and really engage with our data and content. We are proud that to share the story we have been telling about the region’s transportation system in a visually-stimulating and engaging way."

— Steven Chlapecka, Greater Washington Partnership