Harper Macaw – “Savor the Rainforest”

Washington, D.C.-based Harper Macaw is a fine-chocolate maker with an ambitious yet tangible objective: Turn chocolate into a force for tropical reforestation. Harper Macaw purchases their cacao directly from the source, ensuring that sustainable farmers are compensated for their extra attention to detail. As a result, every Harper Macaw chocolate product benefits deforested or vulnerable rainforests in northeast Brazil. For every one Harper Macaw chocolate bar, 20 square feet of rainforest are restored and protected.

Harper Macaw approached us with a need for a video that not only created compelling marketing material but also told the full story of their brand.


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Chocolate for Tropical Reforestation

In order to properly tell the story of Harper Macaw’s dynamic brand, we wanted to hear from the communities most directly involved with the company’s production process and sustainability efforts. We traveled to Brazil to spend time with the farmers who rely on cacao production for their livelihoods and gleaned first-hand insight about their brand, from the sourcing of the cacao plant and ongoing reforestation work, to Harper Macaw’s finished chocolate products and environmental impact. The end result? “Savor the Rainforest,” a three-minute brand video now prominently displayed on Harper Macaw’s website.