The Ocean Foundation: Ocean Acidification

The current pH level of our ocean is 8.1, which represents a 30 percent increase in ocean acidity over the last 200 years. The Ocean Foundation is dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction to ocean environments and focuses their collective expertise on generating cutting-edge content on emerging threats, potential solutions, and better implementation strategies.

Design & Dev



With an abundance of disparate data on the effects of rising pH levels, LGND was tasked with creating an engaging, interactive digital storytelling experience to accompany The Ocean Foundation’s Ocean Acidification Day of Action — a campaign to drive awareness and understanding of how the ocean’s rising pH levels impact human and marine life.


Understanding that biases typically surround climate-related topics, we focused on creating an immersive environment that places users at the center of the data.

A diverse set of interactive modules entices the user to engage with the data. "Guess the trend” prompts readers to estimate ocean acidification trends against projections, while an ecosystem slider visually depicts the effects of pH levels on coral, tourism, biodiversity, and more so that users "Understand the Impact."


The site was used as a centerpiece of The Ocean Foundation's launch of the inaugural Ocean Acidification Day of Action on January 8, 2019, with a reception at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. Attendees were encouraged to engage with the onsite activation, guess trends in ocean chemistry and investigate how coastal and marine species and services are affected by changes in the ocean’s pH.

Internationally acclaimed music group Animal Collective was inspired by the site's creative and produced a new song for use as the digital story's background audio.

Social content was shared by: Luke’s Lobster, JetBlue, 11th Hour Racing, Nat Geo, WWF.

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"LGND was a terrific partner! They worked diligently to explain the harmful effects of ocean acidification across a variety of our planet’s ecosystems. The quality of their art work, design, and narrative development truly elevated our storytelling."

— Jarrod, The Ocean Foundation